you sure are one sick dere...

"the morning sun was comforting at times" the girl went ahead and died

hello there

hello stranger! im toby.. this is my page. i coded it myself, im learning, slowly.

this isnt some fun project for school. im doing it find out more about myself, who knows.

i know no one will read this. maybe thats why im typing it now.

i hope that this can help me some how...i'll see.

i hope you enjoy it here! join me on my journery...i think it'll be quite personal. [click on images to get to places]

signed - toby..

i wonder how people will react if they see this. i would say im not an edgy teen but.. am i?

im not really sure. im not like others my age. i wonder if that changes anything

i hope people can find this, if only a few, and think about it. think about who i am.